Questions And Answers On Hemorrhoids And Bleeding Pain

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Bob asks…

Can hemorrhoids cause left lower side pain and lower abdominal pain?

No bleeding just anal pains with side pain

Alain answers:

No – hemerrhoids will cause anal pain and bleeding but not abdominal pain.

If you’re female – could be ovaries or intestines.
If you’re male – could be intestines.

The appendix is on the right side but it’s possible to have deferred pain to the left side. A way to test for appendicitis would be to lay down on your back and have someone tap the bottom of your right foot in the heel area fairly hard (but not jarring) – if this causes pain in your abdomen then it could be appendicitis.

Could also be ovarian cysts, fibroids of the uterus, or a stomach virus or bacterium.

Lynn asks…

Help! Rectal bleeding, pain, and mucus?!?

Hi, I am eleven years old and have a pretty good health history and I don’t get sick very often. I didn’t pass bowel movements for a week or so, and I told my mom. A day later I finally went just a tiny bit. It’s been three days since I’ve passed a bowel. Finally, just now, I went. This is gross, but I couldn’t go so I stuck toilet paper on my finger and put it up my anus. I took it out and there was a big amount of blood. I repeated the process and showed my mom. Then, I went a couple pebbles of bowel movement, and there was blood. She said she wasn’t too concerned. I kept trying to go and it was painful. I don’t think I got all my bowel out, but now my anus feels really swollen and it really hurts. It almost feels like it’s “tight.” There was also some dark mucus in my bowel. I didn’t eat anything out of the ordinary. I looked at my butt on the inside in the mirror and there are three giant red swollen lumps inside. My mom said they are hemorrhoids and was puzzled because she never heard of a child getting one. She bought me some cream but i’m still on the toilet for hours and hours in bouts of pain. I have anxiety and don’t feel comfortable with a doctor looking in there. I got pepto bismol, stool softener medicine, cream, and an enema. I used the enema and it really stung. All that came out was the enema, and it looked like my butt was urinating. It also burned. I just went and a gallon of mucus came out. What should I do? Could it be something other then a hemorrhoid? What could it be?

Alain answers:

Sounds like fecal impaction and hemorrhoids. Call a doctor. This is not normal for an 11 year old.

Caroline asks…

I have painful hemorrhoids, what will give me relief from the pain?

I had a virus that caused diarrhea, now I am in pain and some bleeding. I have a doctors appointment in 2 week (unrelated visit).

Alain answers:

It is very important to discover the cause of hemorrhoids. Just getting relief from hemorrhoids symptoms isn’t going to get you anywhere, if you don’t have a strategy about how to get rid of them for good. The following self-care measures may relieve the symptoms, but they won’t make the hemorrhoid disappear. See your doctor if you don’t get relief in a few days, or sooner if you have severe pain or bleeding.

1. Apply a hemorrhoid cream or suppository containing hydrocortisone, or use pads containing witch hazel or a topical numbing agent.
2. You have to take minimum eight or nine glasses of water per day. Also check the amount of fiber you are eating and adjust it accordingly.
3. Keep the anal area clean and dry. Take a bath or shower (a bath is much better) daily and clean the skin around your anus gently with warm water. Soap isn’t necessary and may aggravate the problem. You should dry the affected part of your body to avoid any irritations.
4. Apply ice packs or cold compresses on the anus to relieve swelling. Make sure the ice is wet and slippery, not sticky. Insert it in the anal hole like a normal suppository.
5. A Seitz bath fits over the toilet. For this treatment you will need one plastic tub with warm water. You can get one at a medical supply store or some pharmacies. It is suggested to use this treatment for 15 minutes three times in a day. This treatment will reduce pain and swelling most effectively, as this is an easier treatment for hemorrhoid relief. Or you could just buy some Epsom salts, and put them in a bath, then sit there for ten minutes to gain hemroid relief, longer if necessary.
6. Do not use dry toilet paper when wiping your ass. To help keep the anal area clean after a bowel movement, use wet and moist towels or wet toilet paper that doesn’t contain perfume or alcohol.
7. If coming from the anal hole, you can also try to gently push them back. Once they back in, the pain should disappear very quickly.
8. Exercise your body. Keep in mind that staying on the toilet for more than five minutes at a time aggravates your hemorrhoids. Take several short walks a day.
9. You can find relief from hemorrhoids using a hemorrhoid cushion. A hemorrhoid cushion is an inflatable rubber ring, similar to the inflatable rings that kids wear at the beach. When you sit on it, the cushion is minimizing the contact pressure between the sitting surface and the hemorrhoid.

Hope this helps.

John asks…

After delivery I have developed Hemorrhoids. What doctor should I see?

My OBGyne told that it is hemorrhoid, and should go away on its own. But it is not going off. I still have pain and bleeding (sometime). I want to see a doctor. What sort of Doctor should I see ?

Alain answers:

You could check in with a family doc first if the OB isn’t any help. I wonder why I went to my OB for some help.

You could also check out Hemorrhoids Miracle for some articles on at home and natural treatments.

Kylee asks…

Severe back pain,Rectal bleeding with BM,Intense nausea?

This is a little long but PLEASE bear with me.Please help me if you can.I have already sought medical attention and am waiting for results,although in the meanwhile I am suffering immensely.

I am a 20 yr old female.I have been having moderate back pain when I wake up for about a month.It had become more painful within the last week to the point where I need to just take a few moments to come to myself,then as I walked around it would basically go away.About 3-4 days ago I had some pretty serious abdominal pains and nausea.I went to the ER.Blood samples/urine tests all came back normal.The doctor said I might have had a intolerance to something I ate or possibly polycystic ovaries (I have had trouble with my ovaries before with cysts not bursting when they are supposed to,and got bigger.When they did burst it was INCREDIBLY painful.I went the the ER back then not knowing what was wrong.That was about 4 years ago).
The Dr. ordered a ultrasound.It was 2 days away.She sent me home for the night.In between the time I waited the back pain became VERY INTENSE.It felt like someone was punching/kicking me in the back.Stomach cramps were also present.I think the pain was more intense after everytime I tried to eat.The Nausea was also incredibly strong.I had to force myself to vomit 2 times since then.I have had fatigue and MAYBE 1 or 2 slight headaches.I remembered the day before the visit to the ER I had a bowel movement with alot of bright red blood,and blot clots in there.I forgot to mention this to the ER because I thought it was just my hemorrhoids,as I have had this happen before.Before I had the ultrasound done,that day I had another bowel movement (which I was surprised because I hadn’t really eaten anything within those 2 days because of the nausea/pain.It smelled very bad and there was again,alot of blood.I am certain it was from my rectum.I mentioned this to the person who did the ultrasound but have still gotten no word what the result was.Also the ultrasound was done on my ovaries.I suspect I may have some form of an ulcer because ulcers run all in my family (grand dad,dad,mom etc.).My family has also felt kind of sick with stomach pains,they suggest that maybe I have a bit of a virus with a ulcer acting up.PLEASE HELP ME.I am truly suffering this as the back pain never goes away.I finally filled out a prescription that was given to me for nausea today.It helped ALOT.I ate.But after I ate…the strong pain was back,although I admit that the pains have been fluctuating in severity,and not as strong as when the back pains were first REALLY felt.

There is NO chance I am pregnant and also my last period ended around the 3rd or 4th of Apr.If ANYONE has any idea what is going on,PLEASE help.Thank you in advance and God bless you all.

Also,I am taking Tylenol for pain.

Alain answers:

If I was your doctor I would order an endoscopy and colonoscopy immediately. It sounds as if you may have anything from an ulcer to Crohn’s disease to diverticulitis, but the rectal bleeding is VERY SERIOUS and you must find out immediately what is causing this. If your back hurts very low, like on or just above your butt, it is colon pain. If it is higher, it could be intestinal or it could be kidney pain. Your symptoms are serious. Please get help now. If your doctor does not order more extensive tests, find one who will.

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