Questions And Answers On Inner Psychological World

Jim asks…

Are you a soldier ?

If so, then how do you feel about this war with Iraq ?
See a soldier is more than just a fighter. He/she has
character. A visionary, a person of strength, and
conviction. As well as integrity. But sometimes I get
the feeling, that many of you have what you call
tunnel vision. And sometimes, war is not always the
answer. Because violence can cause rebellion,
and economic backlash, which hurts businesses,
and the job market at large. Also psychological
and inner turmoil. That even GI JOE himself, cannot
disengage from. Only to be scarred for life. Is this
particular war, really worth it ? I thought we would be out
by now, but we are not. But I hope all is well, in the end
though. And thank you for your service. Perhaps this
will be for the better, for all of the country, and the world.
So my question is to you. Are you a soldier ? And do
you believe in what you are fighting for.
They should. Talk about it.
Don’t be silent.

Alain answers:

Being a soldier is a decision made within each of us. Some of us are compelled to serve our country.We serve because of our call to duty.
I am a citizen solider and have already been deployed twice to the “sandbox”. I do believe in what I am fighting for. There have been times where I have been discouraged by this war. The fighting, the death going on around me as a medic and a soldier but one day while feeling low about all of this, I found the reason I was here.
My unit came around the corner of a set of buildings ans there was a little girl in a dirty dress with her hair matted back in fashioned pigtails. She was jumping up and down and throwing kisses to the American soldiers, almost like when she was jumping she could reach us.
I thought then and there that if I can make this country a better place for her and for the children like her,I would come back again. So you see war is not what any soldier wants, it is sometimes the only way to defeat a power that is causing the wrongs and manipulating the people to keep them oppressed.
There is not a day that goes by when I am here at home with my own children and extended familty that I do not think of her and the faces of the many people who I got a chance to help and work with while deployed. I will never be the same person again. I have seen too much to ever forget but I have seen so much that I will always be thankful for the wonderful country that I live in and the American people who care so much for the people serving their country.
You will never know how good you have things here in the states until uou have experienced life in a country like Afghanistan and Iraq esp. If you are a female.
We are a nation blessed by the freedoms we have. They are only ours as long as we are willing to defend them.

Richard asks…

Is the psychology/psychiatry field in America going too far? Is it very flawed? ?

I mean Sarah Palin, Obama, McCain, Bush,..many in politics, in entertainment, in all walks of life aren’t exactly positive, with positive morals, and what not. According to the average psychologist, they’d ALL need therapy, drugs, etc, and what irritates me about these doctors is that, they think that ANYTHING that deviates from a health book’s perspective on what normal is and what it isn’t, ..the ideal human at all different stages of life,

is somehow bad, wrong, and in need of medication, intervention, and help.

I mean, who are they to say that being positive, or a certain way is the healthy, normal, and best way to be?

I mean, m any people are negative, conniving, and all sorts of shady, without going overboard, and even though they’re not the best people (that’s ALOT of humanity), they n ever get therapy, and they’re just fine.

A therapist would want to CHANGE them, their inner fiber/core, their personality, because it’s somehow wrong, and medicate them.

If many people like Beyonce, Madonna, Christina, etc,…so and so, got help and therapy and tried to change, perhaps they would have never had their inner motivation/drive to be who they are today.

All I’m saying is, … therapy and the whole field of psychology/psychiatry seems to be,

more of a jail, and whatever they say is right and if you don’t fit you have to be “corrected.”

They think that if you’re not a total perfect robot, you have a disorder.

Shyness is now a disorder?!?!?!


I just hate it when people say things like “this person needs help, that person needs help,” yadda yadda,

when they m ost likely are having a bad day, a bad time at work, unhappy about something,

they need guidance and understanding but not powerful drugs and medical intervention.

Has our society gone too far with this whole psychology/help thing, and what not?

I mean, literally, our whole society, heck, this whole WORLD…by psychological standards is INSANE.

Frantic, insane, revolves around money, etc.

The psychologists/therapist forget the hand that feeds them. The entire medical industry also has false motives, and can be money oriented.

So it comes across as very hypocritical.

They don’t see the big picture, and the whole scope of humanity.

Any other input on this?
You also have to be very careful over the right doctor you choose, because their practice is just a continuation and an extension of not only their knowledge, but their own personal beliefs, feelings, and attitudes towards life.

They vary as people vary, and alot of times you’re paying a total quack, who is only interested in furthering their own publications, novels, etc, their own intellectual pride and business.

At the end of the day,…does this field really do its job, or is it just another example of humanity’s shortcomings?
And obviously, psychologists/psychiatrists, and people who are part of the problem would defend themselves, especially when scrutinized, ask you for your credentials for scrutinizing them, and becoming defensive and labelling the negative feedback as unappreciative and in need of “Correction.”

Can you believe this?

One needs therapy for speaking their mind.


Has this field really gone too far?

Alain answers:

You are absolutely correct, Luke. I have seen many therapists over the years. I have basically lost all trust in them. They wrote terrible things about me in my file exaggerating the truth quite a bit. When I did end up seeing my file, after much red tape, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

For instace, when I about 16, being raised by my mom, she used to sit in on my therapy sessions. And in one visit, she said she was concerned about me lighting candles in my room. She said she was afraid I could start a fire. I protested saying that I was old enough to be able to handle a candle. In my file, it stated that my mother was concerned about me starting fires in the house and I insisted and was being very difficult about it. The therapist neglected to mention that we were talking about me having a candle on my dresser. She made it sound like I was deliberately trying to start a fire and was quite psychotic.

I believe they wrote all this to create a picture of someone who definitely needed to continue to see a therapist and may even need psychiatric medication. This would further their business with me. They definitely did not want anyone reading my file to get the idea I was healed, cured, etc and did not need a therapist any more. This would take away from their business.

None of the therapists really helped me. Trust me. In all the years of therapy, I got my best help from 12 step programs where I learned the wonder and benefit of the 4′th step, in which you do an inventory of yourself. Oh. And never show this to a therapist. They will want to copy this so they can keep it in your file. :P

So now I will never see a therapist and I suggest no one else does either. It’s the worst thing you could do. Once it’s in your file, it’s permanent, no matter how untrue or exaggerated it is. And if you ever get into a situation in the future in which an attorney can sobpoena this, who is the judge going to believe? You? Or your licensed psychologist?

Cindy asks…

Ex Muslim atheists, what made you think that God doesnt exist?

or was it that you didnt like the religion Islam?

While being Muslims, didnt you ever experience things that would make you say “WOW, there must really be Allah” or ” Quran really is a book of Allah and not of a man” ???

I am a Muslim, and probably like you all, i had a lot of questions in my mind about where did Allah come from? Who invented him? And who invented the being that invented Allah and so on? and of course, it made me think that God doesnt exist. But then, where did this world come from? Of course, something created it? But then, who is that being who created this world?

I used to look for an answer but never got one. But, experiences made me believe, and truly believe that Allah does exist and Quran really is his book.

When i would have a headache, i would recite specific Ayaahs of the Quran and it would vanish within seconds, miraculously. And i can bet my life on it that it wasnt psychological as many of you might refer to it.

Then, when i continuously used to have the same nightmare, i only ONCE recited the last Rukooh of Surah Al Baqara and since then i have been having peaceful and dreamless sleeps.

Praying Salah, i have no idea why and again its not psychological, gives me such inner peace that i doubt i could get from anything else.

When my family visited our relatives, while praying we could see long lines of bearded men, all dressed in white, praying beside us. And it wasnt only one of us who saw them, everyone did.

I am just asking if you ever experienced anything like this???

And secondly, how can all this happen in your eyes if Allah doesnt exist?

No rude comments, please.
I am asking very respectfully, for my knowledge and out of curiosity!

Thank you
I know that noone created Allah, and yes, my parents have taught me everything, but i was just trying to think from the atheists points of view… I know that satan puts such thoughts in our minds.
I know that noone created Allah, and yes, my parents have taught me everything, but i was just trying to think from the atheists points of view… I know that satan puts such thoughts in our minds.
I know that noone created Allah, and yes, my parents have taught me everything, but i was just trying to think from the atheists points of view… I know that satan puts such thoughts in our minds.
You are very smart, Mashallah, Rumaitha! But, as we have experienced such things, didnt they ever?

Alain answers:

There is no proof that He exists. If there was, everyone would believe in Him.

Who created this world is hardly proof or anything that will convince people. It could be nature, couldn’t it?

I believe He exists, but it’s something you have to feel inside for it to be apparent on the outside.

That is why God gave us free will to choose from right and wrong and to keep searching and learning to find the truth.


Think of it this way if you want to understand it from an Atheist’s point of view. What is not proven to exist, doesn’t. Simple as that.


Most Atheists I know don’t believe in God because they weren’t taught it as children or because they had dysfunctional families (divorce, abuse, etc). But, there are quite a significant amount of them who choose to be because they decide to go with “reality”, not what people tell them. Think of it this way, you were never taught numbers when you were a child and you just don’t like math or don’t know it, one day, you yourself have to make that decision that you want to go and learn it, and when you do, everything makes sense and you can go on to Calculus. This example honestly, SUCKS. Because guess what? Math does exist, it’s all over the place, we need to study it, we count naturally, etc. Another example, a child is brought up not knowing what sadness is and is raised a happy child getting what he/she want, then one day they lose everything and just then they will know what poverty is. This example, also sucks. Because it does exist, it can be proven, you see poor people everywhere but you just have never gone through it, you see people crying, sad, depressed.

So what can explain why they do not accept God? It’s because there is no evidence that cannot be explained. Earthquakes back millions of years ago probably scared people the first time it happened since knew one had an explanation of why it did, it’s easy to convince them that it is from God. The rain that comes down from the could millions of years ago were thought to be a miracle of God (and it is), but through science, everything can be explain. Water evaporates, creates clouds, fills and sprays away. There is no scientific evidence that God exists. If you find that, everyone will convert in a snap!

God has given us free will, so the only way an Atheist will believe in God is if he/she does enough research and studying till they are satisfied with the answer of God existing, of course they don’t believe that’s possible. To them, with or without God, they have what we have except one extra thing: freedom (there’s no such thing as absolute freedom, i mean to do what they like). If they pick up the Quran, read it with an open mind and heart and are doing it for the truth, Allah will open up the doors for them. It all depends on what is in the heart and if you sincerity want the truth, other than that, there is no way to prove His existence.

@ DI@Z:

Adnan is an Atheist.

Marie asks…

Psychology help?… Homework quiz?

If you know ANY please help… :)

1. The psychodynamic perspective argues that aggressive impulses
A) require some mode of expression.
B) require punishment to guarantee extinction.
C) are essential for survival of the fittest.
D) are learned in hostile environments.

2. One child takes great pride in academic accomplishments. Another child takes great pride in pleasing her parents. These are examples of the influence of __________ on psychological needs.
A) survival
B) intelligence
C) learning
D) biology

3. Autonomic nervous system activation is associated with
A) intense fear.
B) utter frustration.
C) overwhelming anxiety.
D) all of the above.

4. Who would have the most difficult time losing weight?
A) a formerly overweight male athlete
B) a person with a low fat-to-muscle ratio
C) an average-weight male with an obese mother
D) a formerly obese person who has gained back his lost weight

5. Based on recent research, in order to understand how a stranger truly feels you should observe their __________ rather than just the words they speak.
A) posture
B) body movements
C) facial expressions
D) all of the above

6. According to the James-Lange theory of emotion, specific patterns of arousal and action are triggered by specific stimuli. The emotions we experience are, therefore,
A) based on automatic physiological and behavioral responses.
B) based on a single pattern or state of arousal.
C) learned on the basis of experience with those stimuli.
D) the result of our interpretations of stimuli.

7. Satiety or satisfaction with the amount eaten is provided for by
A) chewing and swallowing.
B) digestive tract signals.
C) both a and b.
D) none of the above.

8. If you were raised in a society that values the gift of life and forbids aggressive action, you would be less likely to exhibit violence based on the __________ perspective.
A) cognitive
B) biological
C) learning
D) psychodynamic

9. Drive-reduction theory defines hunger, pain, and thirst as
A) primary drives.
B) instincts.
C) secondary drives.
D) acquired motives.

10. According to the __________ theory, emotions are simply the cognitive representations of autonomic physiological and behavioral responses.
A) Cannon-Bard
B) Common-Sense
C) James-Lange
D) all of the above

11. Social support and __________ can increase an individual’s level of happiness.
A) marriage
B) atheism
C) solitude
D) all of the above

12. The advantage of having employees with high levels of achievement motivation and job satisfaction is that
A) productivity is enhanced.
B) affiliation needs increase.
C) competition is decreased.
D) aggression is decreased.

13. A research method used photographs of people exhibiting different facial expressions and required participants to label the emotion demonstrated in each photograph. This procedure revealed that
A) Western cultures have unique facial expressions.
B) the photograph technique was useless.
C) groups tested from all over the world agreed on the emotion exhibited by facial expression.
D) even groups within a single culture failed to identify facial expressions consistently.

14. According to the __________ perspective, paranoid thinking can lead to aggressive behavior because of distortion in one’s view of others’ motives.
A) biological
B) psychodynamic
C) cognitive
D) learning

15. Psychological needs are generally based on
A) biological needs.
B) inner weaknesses.
C) learning experiences.
D) reflexes.

16. Which type of tissue metabolizes food faster and makes it easier to loose weight?
A) adipose tissue
B) muscle tissue
C) organ tissue
D) none of the above

Alain answers:

5 is “D”.

#12 is “A” I think

#15 I think is “D” Or “C”.

Mandy asks…

Relative Omnipotence?

What a funny little word that is, I believe though that although being omnipotent is unachievable for any human being as the knowledge is just to great, I believe that people can strive to become knowledgeable. I will admit that my younger self had a lot more understanding of the way things worked than I do right now. I even predicted that I would digress to this state that I’m in right now, funny how absolute hatred can corrupt ones inner being huh?

I’ve always said that ‘the world is so simple it’s complex’ and that ‘the deeper we seek the more confusing it becomes, should we just not look at it from a distance so we can see the whole picture instead of the countless details?’ One of the roles that lead to my own ignorance is the failure to reiterate my understandings so that I wouldn’t forget or belittle their meaning. Against all odds though some people hold on to their knowledge they’ve gathered through out the years, many of these people are scientists, and others historians and the such. Unlike many of us who forget a lot after we graduate high-school.

Do you think it’s possible to revert ignorance to the path of knowledge? I for one believe this to be highly possible and I also believe that many people are just to lazy to pursue knowledge and maintain it, my evidence for this is the rising trend in overweight people throughout many of the more technologically advanced nations on our planet. How can people expect to maintain their psychological form if they can’t even conduct similar maintenance on their physical form?

Indeed, although all knowing shall never be gotten amongst us(mortals at least) what does that say? That we can not strive to understand what is a natural phenomenon? It is my belief that we do not need to know how things work, as long as we understand how they work.

Alain answers:

Of course we can “revert ignorance to the path of knowledge”, as long as our brain is still functional to the point of enabling us to learn.

Yes, laziness probably has something to do with it. The thing is, I think many of us have come to think that studying and learning is boring, because we have come to associate learning with the boredom of studying like we did back in high school (although I’ve definitely met people contrary to this, who actually enjoyed such studying, but they seemed to be the minority). Hell, deep thinking has been proven to produce brain wave patterns similar to those in pain for many; if we naturally tend to avoid using up cognitive energy, is it any wonder so many of us have come to dislike studying? We’ve lost our child-like curiosity and love of learning, and with no satisfaction garnered from the accumulation of knowledge, I don’t blame people at times for choosing ignorance over knowledge. I think it only becomes a major problem when we are ignorant to the point that we cause harm to other people, or ourselves (for example, bigotry stemming from ignorance is a shining example of this).

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